When my husband invites his friend Mike over for a weekend I know what they are up to. They both want to fuck me at the same time. Mike will fill my pussy with sperm while I suck my husband and swallow his load.
Yes, I get sperm in both ends.
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He is not pulling out! He is pumping and pumping his sperm into my wife’s pussy. This was more than I thought. He is really filling my wife with his semen. I was aroused as never before. The pressure was building up inside my cock. I had passed the point of nu return. The process had started and I could not stop it. My sperm wanted to get out and I started to ejaculate spontaneously in my pants.
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I never thought it would be so HOT watching my hotwife fucking another guy. OMG I can't help it, I'm coming in my pants
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You haven’t seen anything untill you have seen your wife fucking another man without a condom. It will be the highest arousal you have ever experienced weather you admit it or not. And when the other guy finally sprays his sperm inside her vagina, you are guaranteed to have the biggest hardon in your life, the pressure inside your cock will rise until you can no longer contain it and your own sperm will ejaculate, voluntarily or involuntarily, but it will come out for sure. No sane man can watch this awesome sight without shooting out his own sperm.
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Taking daddy's cock straight up my ass, while I suck on my brothers cock makes me feel like such a good little fuckdoll! I'm such a dumb barbie whore that can't stop thinking about cock ramming my holes. I just want to feel these dicks spasm and cum so I feel the sperm splashing down my fuckdoll throat, and shooting up my hot teen rectum. I just love being an anal fuckdoll for the fam!

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