Updated the Code of Conduct of the instance to include our affiliate link to the Brave web browser at brave.com/hot459 which, upon installation and running of the app, gives us a little kickback to fund the instance. Thanks to everyone who has already tried out the app - with your help we're sure to keep the instance up and running in the future!

Just to remind everyone that while I highly appreciate you reporting content you think breaks the rules of the instance, content you simply do not like does not fall into this category. If you come across content which does not break the rules but you do not wish to see, feel free to click on the three little dots in the toot and select Mute. This way you will no longer see updates from that specific user. Thank you.

Instance upgraded to version 2.7.3

If you wish to support Hotwife.social, you can easily do so by downloading the Brave browser and giving it a go: brave.com/hot459

I have also enrolled the site to the BAT Rewards program for those already using Brave and looking for sites to support. The verification should go through soon.

This all is entirely optional and will not affect the functionality of the site, but is highly appreciated! The best help is being an active member of the community! Thank you everyone!

Instance has been updated to v2.7.0, and everything seems to be working fine. If however you run into issues, please DM me.

Thanks everyone for helping in keeping the instance clean. I really appreciate the reports of content breaking our code of conduct!

1500 members, a great milestone! I've upgraded the hosting plan for the server to better handle the amount of users we have. Might start looking into (absolutely optional) donation options at some point to make sure that we'll be here to stay.

@Handle They seem to be working just fine for me on Chrome (and Brave) and Edge.

Our little instance is just over one week old, and we've already reached 100 members! Welcome everyone!

@sharingKayla By default all toots are public. You can change the visibility by clicking the globe icon if you wish to.

The basic setup of the instance is pretty much done, so the registration has been opened. We'll make adjustments to this if needed in the future.

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Hotwife.social is a Mastodon instance focused on NSFW discussion and file-sharing revolving around the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. We are not a regionally restricted community, and welcome everyone from any location - just make sure to follow our code of conduct and we'll all get along just fine!